• At times my boyfriend scares me… He just flipped the table and punched a hole in the wall,i’m still crying.. He never slapped me or anything, but sometimes i’m scared he has an agression issue that will turn against me. I have never told any of my friends or family because i don’t want to want them to think of him differently.

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  • I have this huge crush on this girl Karen Luts,
    I went to the club last weekend and saw Karen’s younger sister. At fist I mistook her for Karen, I approached her and noticed that she is Karen’s sister.. I bought her drinks, danced with her and volunteered to send her home since I know where they stay.. I ended up sending karen’s sister to my place and had sex with her before sending her back.
    It felt so good as it has been my fantasy to have sex with Karen. Her sister looks exactly like her!
    Karen is grateful for me taking care of her younger sister and sending her home, wait till she finds out what actually happens that night haha

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  • A few years ago I met someone who I’ve been leading on. This person has low self esteem and from what I can gather has never had a boyfriend in her life. I have been using her for money and gifts for the last 2 years. In this time I have met other people and I will be getting married later this year to someone. Just wanted to get this off my chest.

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