• I have a a very big hatred of religion and the who believe in any god. They are the cancer of humanity, we will never evolve any further as human beings until all religion is abolished. I believe you should die for believing in such nonsense.

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  • I suspect i’m not the only one here who loves stalking much younger girls around at the gym and staring at them lustily…
    Isn’t that the whole reason to go to the gym in the first place?

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  • When I moved to the new york area I rented a room for six months from a lesbian couple. One of them was going through a sex change operation to become a man. Leaving aside all the daily issues, what i don’t quite understand is this. If she was a lesbian, and now she is a man, she is no longer a lesbian, and if the partner is a lesbian and now she is with a man, is she still a lesbian?
    I should say that I am a man In my mid fifties. The housing arrangements were ok, I had a private entrance and a private sitting room, a small apartment in the house.

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