• My 2 year old daughter just told me “you like smoking?…you like wine?… I like wine…I like smoking…” I just started smoking again after my divorce after not having a cigarette for almost three years. Now i’m smoking all the time again just like I was the 19 years before I found out I was pregnant. I feel like the worst mother in the world right now. Drinking at least a bottle of wine alone every night, usually two, until i blackout. Pathetic

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  • I sexually fantasize about having my bare feet tickled all the time. I just want to have a nail salon to myself while getting a pedicure, and I want to have my feet tickled with those pedicure tools, as well as the lady’s fingers. I imagine myself wiggling my little toesies in her face and asking with a smile “will you please tickle me?” I want her fingers to slide between my toes, and I want her to scrub my soles with those tool she uses. It just turns me on to think about my bare feet being at her mercy. I get a pedicure as often as I can, just so I can have my feet touched.

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  • I hate my snapchat and facebook friends I know people go on social media to relieve stress and forget about the world. But people never comment on my posts. I like to talk about society and politics I like to read and create discussion.
    But people only like my stupid posts, like my pictures where I’m with friends or family, and they say nothing about my selfies. If I post a mindless joke they like It.
    I bet they think I’m boring and talk shit about me behind my back. well I think they’re dumb and have nothing intelligent to talk about.

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