• I got drunk with my coworker last week. He is this really good looking guy and his wife is fucking unbelievably hot. In a drunken stupor he admitted that his wife is god awful in bed and not at all interested in sex. He asked her to go to a therapist but she refused. I want to tell everyone in the office because well all know her.

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  • My brother called me at work and told me that he was at a motel with his girlfriend, and saw my husband going into another room with one of my neighbours. I left work and parked across the street. A short while later, I was able to take pics of them as they came out, gave each other a kiss, and left in separate vehicles.

    This is going to sound disgusting, but you have to understand how pissed off I was. I talked my brother in to masterbating into a tub of ricotta cheese and take pictures of it. I took the cheese/cum and made a nice looking lasagna with it, taking additional pics along the way. I packed a huge piece of it in my husbands lunch, and threw the rest out. When he left for work, I packed up all my shit, left the picks of him and the neighbor, and of the lasagna “ingredients” on the computer with a note, and left.

    He’s not fighting me for anything in the divorce, and he hasn’t mentioned whether or not he liked the lasagna.

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  • Oh god, I always had a thing for my cousin’s spouse and tomorrow I will meet him again after 4 years at a party, I don’t know how I will react next to him he was always nice to me and seemed to like me to, I wish he cheated on his wife with me my cousin is a nasty bitch he deserves a better woman.

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