• I bought visa prepaid cards with someone else’s credit card but I felt really guilty so I found their address and mailed them the cards I bought along with the extra money it cost to buy the cards. I feel like such a horrible person.

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  • I just caught by girlfriend giving me a re-gifted present. She is so stupid to think that I wouldn’t know. I just went with it, to not spoil the moment and acted like i liked the gift, but it sucks. I think it was originally for her dad, from her sister. wtf is that?

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  • Sister Hazel at my nunnery is secretly meeting with an unknown man every night. I approached her about the situation on several occasions, but all she says is that it is a bible study. Yes, that is a legitimate reason, but what does not seem right is that she is always smiling after being with him. We nuns have made a promise not to show any emotion, except for extreme disappointment, at all times. I am worried that Satan has taken hold of her, and before you know it she will be holding hands with this man. I must tell Father immediately or risk going to Hell myself.

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