• I’m 19 and just started dating this 23 year old girl a week ago. I was a virgin when I met her, she was not. She said she screwed a few guys before. ( really love her and think she’s is the prettiest thing i’ve ever seen ). I’m so in love!
    W’ve been having crazy sex and it’s been awesome. But I have been itching like crazy down below. I think I might have public lice (crabs) or something. The discomfort is damn near making me crazy.
    I still live with my mom, and i think she would shit if she knew i was having sex with her. When I brought her over once my mom said she didn’t like her. I’m on my mom’s insurance still, so i can get my problem checked out at the doctor, but she will know about it. I’m hoping to fix this problem myself; anyone else get rid of pubic lice? Other than getting them via sex, do you not have to wash down there for years to get these things, or what?

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  • I have a a very big hatred of religion and the who believe in any god. They are the cancer of humanity, we will never evolve any further as human beings until all religion is abolished. I believe you should die for believing in such nonsense.

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  • I suspect i’m not the only one here who loves stalking much younger girls around at the gym and staring at them lustily…
    Isn’t that the whole reason to go to the gym in the first place?

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