• I’m nervous about leaving my husband, but I know it’s for the best.
    I care about him, but it’s like I am the one putting all the effort in and he isn’t even trying.
    I tried talking to him about it and it hasn’t got better.
    I have my bags packed and got the keys from the new apt, so by time he comes home, I won’t be here.

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  • I am a 23 engineering student. Started living with my gf a few months back. Were dating for 5 years. I recently started dreaming about cheating on her. In my dreams is the same girl. A curly hair australian girl I never met. I dream about having the best sex of my life with her. In my dream I knowingly cheat on my gf with her and proceed to have sex with her several times. I end up waking confused and troubled. I think im in love with the girl in my dreams

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  • I’m still continuing to pretend I have Tourette’s Syndrome. It’s great. During a meeting at work this week I cried out “Fisting Video dot net!” and everybody just accepted it. I think one or two people might be suspicious I’m faking this disease, but they can’t prove anything!

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