I’m 19 and just started dating this 23 year old girl a week ago. I was a virgin when I met her, she was not. She said she screwed a few guys before. ( really love her and think she’s is the prettiest thing i’ve ever seen ). I’m so in love!
W’ve been having crazy sex and it’s been awesome. But I have been itching like crazy down below. I think I might have public lice (crabs) or something. The discomfort is damn near making me crazy.
I still live with my mom, and i think she would shit if she knew i was having sex with her. When I brought her over once my mom said she didn’t like her. I’m on my mom’s insurance still, so i can get my problem checked out at the doctor, but she will know about it. I’m hoping to fix this problem myself; anyone else get rid of pubic lice? Other than getting them via sex, do you not have to wash down there for years to get these things, or what?


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