• Really annoyed. Nothing I do is right.
    I spent most of the day trying to get something cute for my boyfriend. I made him a cute little valentines drawing, I spent the last of my money buying chocolates and arranged them in a shape of a heart; and I even went out of my way to pick flowers for him.
    He half heartedly says he appreciates them But of course he doesn’t fuc*ing like flowers because “they remind him of funerals.”
    I didn’t get anything from him and that’s fine you know, I know we aren’t doing well money wise.
    But he just spent most of his time playing stupid fuc*** hearthstone, he hardly pays attention to me.
    Should emphasize that I live with two other guys. So I made food expecting that my boyfriend would be reasonable and save a bowl for our housemate.
    But he winds up eating that; and I TOLD him to save it for our housemate, and I get blamed for lack of communication.
    What the fuc*.
    Why is almost everything I do wrong to him

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  • I applied for a job and on the application it asked for my start date and end date for my current job. Well I put down my original start date and that I’m still employed which I am, I’ve been with the company for 2 1/2 years minus the 6 months I was off. The problem is the company laid me off for 6 months, so I wonder if they will think I’m lying on the application. should I have listed the same company twice in a row on the application?

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  • I was replying to messages online at one point, but i began to get disgusting messages from pedophiles, and some guys would argue with me for no reason. One time, someone actually said it was my fault for getting stalked by a thirty-year-old man (for the record, I am 17, and i was 16 when he started stalking me). After I stopped responding to messages everywhere except places with a “report” feature, I was called an ass*** for not responding. Am I an idiot or something? What did I do wrong?

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